Tri-State Tree Service

Tree Service Equipment

At Tri-State Tree Service LLC, we own all of our own tree service equipment to provide a quick solution to our customers – we don’t have to wait to acquire or rent it! We have immediate access to our own bucket truck, tree climber, wood chipper, stump grinder and more. Also because we own our own equipment, the size of the job doesn’t matter. Some companies won’t do small jobs because it’s not worth the rental price on the equipment, but at Tri-State Tree Service, we can accommodate any customer!

So if you’re in need of removing a dead tree in your yard, or simply just want a costume trim on one your trees, you can count on At Tri-State Tree Service LLC to get the job done in a prompt and professional manner. 

If you have questions about our land clearing equipment or services, please call us directly at 301-630-3443. We hope to be your first choice for service in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

Tri State Tree Service Tree Removal and Stump Grinding